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Student Presentations - 2020/2021 Intensive training course

Presentations of the participants at the intensive training course “International protection and rights of minors in the European Union”, held in Winter 2020/2021.


1. The protection of minors in the EU context: urgent matters and challenges (G. BONESCHI;  F. GRAZIANI; D. MOVILEANU;  D.RIGONI)

2. The access to the asylum procedure and the non-refoulement principle (A. DE NICOLA; S. IACUZZI; G. PIZZOLINI;  F. ROSSI; G. SANTOMAURO)

3. The best interest of the child: a multidisciplinary perspective (F. CEREGHETTI; O. UZUREAU)

4. The children’s right to be heard and the credibility assessment in the asylum procedures (E. BROGLIA; M. DELLA GIOVANNA;  M. IACOPINI; E. MENICHETTI; I. SOMMARUGA)

5. The right to education to migrant minors: legal framework and The Case of Greece (D. BURBA; F. FULLONE)

6. The role of an effective guardianship for the protection of children’s rights (G. BASSANI; G. BRIGANTI; G. GULLACE; C. MARTELLI; M. SEMPREBON)

7. The new EU Pact on Migration and Asylum and the children’s protection (I. MOIOLI; F. MORGANTE;  F. PIZZO; E. PULVIRENTI; L. SILVESTRI)

8. Migrant children in detention: Law vs. Member States' practice (A. CICCARELLI;  M. GAMBI; G. PELIZZO; M. TOMMASINI; E. ZANGRANDI)

9. The best interest of the child (N. KATSIASHVILI)

10. The best interest of the child in family reunification in the Dublin Regulation III (G. BERGAMINI)